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The proportion of labor costs in book printing enterprises


In recent years, the shortening of orders and the production of multiple varieties in small batches have had a certain impact on the efficiency of traditional printing and have caused obvious losses due to plate changes. The shortening of product cycles has also caused changes in the personnel structure. The number of workers in production workshops has decreased, but the number of support staff has increased, such as schedulers, plate makers, transport personnel, and business personnel. In the past, a salesperson only needed to sell ten products to meet the target, but now it is no longer feasible, which has caused an increase in sales and management costs for traditional printing companies.

Let's discuss:

What is the appropriate percentage of labor costs for traditional printing companies and digital printing companies?

how to save the labor cost,Should we Replacing human labor with automation machines?

1.The first question:

Regarding the labor cost profit margin of the printing industry in 2022, what is it? Based on my personal research, the following are some relevant data on the labor cost profit margin of the printing industry in 2022:

*The average labor cost of the printing industry in 2022 accounts for about 20% of the operating costs.

*The comprehensive cost profit margin of the printing industry is about 15%, and the labor cost profit margin accounts for about 3%.

*The labor cost profit margin varies among different types of printing companies. For

and the packaging printing industry has a labor cost profit margin of about 3%-5%.

*There are also differences in the labor cost profit margin of printing companies in different regions. The labor cost profit margin is higher in the eastern region and lower in the central and western regions.

*Overall, the labor cost profit margin of the printing industry in 2022 has slightly increased compared to 2021, but the increase is not significant and still maintained at a low level of around 3%.

*The low labor cost profit margin indicates that the printing industry faces significant labor cost pressure and limited profit space.

*Regarding different companies, the labor cost profit margin also depends on factors such as the company's size, degree of mechanization, and management level.

In summary, the average labor cost profit margin of the printing industry in China in 2022 is about 3%, which is lower than the industry's average profit level and has limited room for increase.

In the future, the printing machine industry will embrace a more intelligent and automated integrated development.

This trend will impact the entire printing industry and bring unprecedented innovation and convenience.

Application of Intelligent Technology: With the advancement of technology, printing machines will become increasingly intelligent.

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