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The role of printing technology and product packaging printing


Product packaging printing was originally a type of replication technique. For the sake of convenience in discussion, someone has proposed the following definition:; Copying text or images onto a surface of a substance is called printing, painting colors on the surface, using pressure or pressure transfer methods to transfer and print on the surface of various substances, and fully reappearing the original text or image. This technology is called printing. Printing technology can also be said to be the entire process of visual and tactile information printing and replication, including pre press, printing, post press processing, and transmission. It is a collection; Photography, art, crafts, chemistry, electronics, computer software, hardware technology, combined with environmental considerations, is a complex and highly tested technology. The technology of mass copying art, text, and images according to demand through coordination, photography, text processing, art design, editing, color separation, plate making, printing, and post press molding.

The general printing in product packaging printing refers to the entire process of visual information printing and replication, including pre press, printing, post press processing, and sending. The method of mass copying text and images through plate making, printing, and post-press processing. Therefore, whether the color on the packaging box meets the needs of our merchants is an important assessment standard.

According to the purpose of printing products, they are generally divided into book and newspaper printing, advertising printing, packaging printing, and special printing. At present, packaging and printing products include packaging boxes, packaging boxes, display racks, and cardboard, etc. The quantity and output value of product packaging printing are large. Before the 1970s, lead typesetting was mainly used for letterpress printing. After the 1970s, photosensitive resin letterpress was gradually used. Since the 1990s, computer typesetting technology has been continuously improved, especially in China where Chinese character information processing technology has made significant progress. The use of computer typesetting, flat printing, and digital printing in packaging has become increasingly common.

At present, product packaging printing is an important tool for the circulation of our products. Plays a role in storage, transportation, and display promotion. It is an important medium for commodity trading and a means of promoting goods and obtaining profits in a market economy. Although the scope of packaging printing is not very broad, its role is far greater than that of ordinary printed materials. The finished products of packaging printing are mainly used for goods, not only for loading, protecting, and beautifying goods, but also for promoting and promoting goods. Generally, product packaging needs to go through design, sampling, and then printing. Short printing time and good printing quality are required, and generally flat printing is adopted.

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