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How should printing and packaging enterprises establish website marketing and promotion to achieve customer acquisition?


It is suitable for the needs of the industry and products. How can the printing and packaging industry rely on the Internet to carry out online marketing, establish an effective promotion system, and form an entrance for the introduction of customers in the continuous development of the enterprise.

Firstly, let's take a look at the characteristics of the printing and packaging industry:

1. Thin profit margin for single product orders, proficient in offline market

2. There is also a quality gap in the same product, with low price markets not equal to product quality, but further strengthening industry competition.

3. There is little online reputation in the printing industry in Chengdu, which makes it difficult to generate brand traffic in the short term

How can the printing and packaging industry achieve enterprise traffic through online marketing and promotion?

1. Mainstream promotion methods in online marketing

Through website construction, the link between enterprises and the Internet is established. Although the forms of online marketing are diversified, based on the printing industry, Tiktok, new media, and information flow obviously do not conform to the mainstream promotion channels of the industry.

2. Resource integration

We can cooperate with accounting agencies, for example: as long as the accounting agency provides free business cards, combining offline and online forms, we can quickly reach users and include brand information and official website on the gift business card.

3. Free services

Free business card design and free delivery can be provided according to the needs of the enterprise. For printing factories, the cost of making business cards is not high in itself. By giving away business cards and offering enterprise printing vouchers upon registration on the official website, offline customer resources can be guided online.

4. Deepen website service module

Form point redemption, for online customer consumption, points can be refunded based on consumption. Through point redemption products, users can be stimulated to consume, and customized high-end customer services can be provided based on the ordering situation and consumption ability of different enterprises on the official website to increase customer consumption.

5. The role of SEO optimization in the printing industry

Offline traffic windows have already been opened, and online SEO can also be used to continuously optimize the user experience on the site. Keyword ranking can further achieve customer acquisition through online marketing, reduce customer acquisition costs, and increase user traffic.

6. WeChat Mall

Under a certain user base, users can be redirected to WeChat, and better user management and product listing can be achieved through WeChat Mall.

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