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The oldest Chinese printing technique (woodblock printing) debuted at the Book Expo - Sunnywell Printing


On April 19th, the 23rd National Book Trading Expo opened at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The oldest printing technique in China, which appeared at the expo, attracted citizens to stop and watch. They studied ink, applied ink, and printed... Many citizens personally printed a New Year painting of "Longevity is Better than South Mountain, Not Old Pine" for themselves.

The "Light of Chinese Printing" exhibition sponsored by the China Printing Museum shows the development of printing in many historical periods in China. More than 70 pieces of printing exhibits fully demonstrate the charm of printing, one of the four great inventions in ancient China. It has played a good role in promoting Chinese printing technology and inheriting printing culture, and is highly praised by the citizens.

In the on-site woodblock printing demonstration area, citizens personally experienced the charm of ancient woodblock printing technology. After affixing the "China Printing Museum Memorial" seal on their carefully printed "Shoubi Nanshan Forever Pine New Year Painting", they can also take it away for free as a souvenir for collection.

It is understood that the woodblock of this "Shoubi Nanshan Forever Pine New Year Painting" is a precious original from the Qing Dynasty. This time, it was brought out for citizens to experience in person, which is also to enable citizens to have a deeper understanding and understanding of printing, one of the the Four Great Inventions in ancient China, to have a further understanding of printing knowledge, and to stimulate everyone's national pride.

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